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JTP/ULTIMATE RACING Diff Fluid is made from 100% pure Silicone Oil in Europe. Jared Tebo trusts JTP DIFF FLUID is all his Tekno Race Vehicles, as it provides TOP PERFORMANCE, and CONSISTANT PERFORMANCE out on the race track. We have been testing different fluids for over a year and half, and we find that the ULTIMATE RACING FLUIDS have given us the greatest performance, and thats what we want to provide to our customers. The higher the number, the thicker, or heavier the oil. JTP Fuild bottles are 75ML.

If you are searching and wondering where you need to start with your JTP DIFF FLUID, you can see all of Jared Tebo's setups at WWW.JTPRC.COM and they will have the diff fluid he is using for each car he is racing.

Made in Europe.

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